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Finance and Accounting. Business and Corporate Management. Information Technology (Computers, Internet, Devices, e-Commerce, e-Training). General Health and Medical Equipment. Human Resource Management. Marketing. Oil and gas. Sports. Telecommunications. Travel and Tourism.

Mobile & Web Localization

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Translating your mobile app and website content to conform to the needs and preferences of Indonesian market, with some adaptations to local regulations and cultural differences.

Academic Translation

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High quality academic translation services at competitive prices for all your translation requirements at all academic levels and in all academic subjects.

Assets Management

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Translation asset management includes but not limited to creating termbase, style guide, translation memory, and translation alignment.

Linguistic Testing

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I will help you in evaluating the language attribute and context of a software, application, or website for Indonesian locale. This process checks the cultural appropriateness in terms of language standards, grammar, rules and regulations as well as context. Linguistic testing will ensure that your product is applicable for, and fits the needs of, the Indonesian audience with their unique culture.

Retainer Service

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Reduced translation rates for a long-term flow of projects. This may last from three months to a year, and can be renewed if both parties agree.

Translation Process

A professional translator with a complete translation process. Translation, editing, proofreading, review, and a dedicated quality assurance and translation management software (apSIC Xbench) to make sure you only receive high quality translation results on your desk.

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Working Languages

I’m offering you my translation and localization services in the following language pairs.¬†

English to Indonesian

General translation. Technical translation. Academic translation. Mobile and website localization. Linguistic testing.

English to Sundanese

General translation. Technical translation. Academic translation. Mobile and website localization. Linguistic testing.

Translation Asset Management

In addition to standard translation and localization services, I can also help you with the more specific needs as follow.

Translation Memory Management

Building, converting, or optimizing translation memories can be laborious. I can help you streamline the process.

Termbase Management

Either you want to create or maintain your collection of termbases, I can help.

Style Guide Management

A style guide is essential for a perfect localization project. I can help you in creating the most appropriate and applicable style guide for your project.

Vendor Management

Sourcing, managing, and training translators is a resource and time-intensive business need. I can help making it more effective and efficient for you.

Project Management

Planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints. The ultimate goal is to complete your projects on time and within budget.

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